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GED Soul Revue: Return of Jody Douglas

We’re getting pretty pumped about November’s dual releases from SkyHi Funk Band and the Coolin’ System.
So to celebrate, Coolin’ System saxman/Magic In Threes flute maestro, the amazing Jody Douglas drops a
heady slice of soul on this edition of the G.E.D. Soul Revue! Dig it… Share the love. And remember, there is a
lot of funk coming at you November 8, 2011!

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GED Soul Revue: Timmy Hawkins Jams And Joints

Download some Timothy Hawkins Jams And Joints

Tim Hawkins from Sky Hi delivers this edition of the G.E.D. Soul Podcast. Tim brings heavy jams from Parliament  /Funkadelic as well as some choice cuts from some of today’s baddest funk and soul groups. It’s an insta-classic kind of thang..

GED Soul Revue: Soul Patrol & Beg Me Preview

Before G.E.D. Soul even existed, we were obsessed with these deep funk compilations on a little French label called Soul Patrol.  Seriously, we snapped those records up every chance we got. It was always a huge deal when the new SP comp showed up. So we’re passing the soul on to you! Here’s a heapin’ helping of some truly gritty deep funk. As an added bonus, Nicky D debuts the new DeRobert & The Half-Truths EP “Beg Me” in it’s entirety. Enjoy!

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GED Soul Revue: Andrew Muller

This weeks episode features the one and only Andrew Muller from Nashville disco funk collective, Deep Fried Five! Andrew brought a gang of heavy funk records from the late 70’s/ early 80’s to the table on this super synthed out edition of the G.E.D. Soul Podcast. No disco naps here. This show only has one gear: GO!

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GED Soul Revue: DJ Lauren Tingle

Miss Lauren Tingle stops by Poor Man Studio in East Nastyville to break off some superbad Memphis soul joints. We’ve known Lauren for a minute now, and we’re still scratching our heads as to why we didn’t get her in the studio sooner, because the lady knows how to lay down a burning set! Sit back, relax, and enjoy!

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GED Soul Revue: Sped Up & Slowed Down

Many moons ago, at the old Murfreesboro GED Soul location, we were winding down from a day of recording and decided to throw some records on. On a whim we slowed the speed on Clarence Carter’s “Patches” and the results were hilariously awesome. Following this formula of varying playback speed, we discovered that there are quite a few records that enjoy an increase in bumpin-ness, particularly this deep funk compilation of Vietnamese soul bands. So, without taking ourselves too seriously, here is an entire podcast devoted to this wonderful aural phenomenon. Enjoy!

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