Established in the geographical center of Tennessee, the folks at G.E.D. Soul have been producing and recording original soul and funk music in our very own “Poor Man Studios” since 2007. Like some of our contemporaries, we try to record using a similar technical and aesthetic approach that celebrates the very best qualities of what made soul music great all those years ago.

Originally started as a boutique label specializing in 45s, G.E.D. Soul has since released 12″ LPs, CDs, and MP3s. our catalog can be found in finer record stores world wide as well as most digital outlets.

Our mission: Put out as much soulful music as humanly possible.

Welcome to the GED Soul Records blog. Here you will find GED Soul Records news and releases, articles on Funk, Soul, Jazz, and other musical greats, as well as the venerable GED Soul Revue Podcast. The podcast features GED Soul artists selecting their favorite tunes to fit the theme, mood, or focus of the podcast.

GED Soul Records has been online for a while now and we felt it was time to take it to the next level. The dons of GED, Dave Singleton and Nick Devan, have enlisted my help to expand the site, re-design the store, get the blog up and running, and get our sales process streamlined and on lock down. This way we can focus on doing what we do best: writing, recording, and engineering the sound of modern Nashville Soul Music.

In the meantime we will be in the process of moving content over to the blog, doing some re-design, and otherwise working hard to get the new site online.  We will be dating the older podcast with the original release dates. You can still order vinyl and albums from the store, grab podcasts, and check out news and show dates on the main site.

Thanks for stopping by!

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