The Mighty Earl Young

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Boom-Chaka-Doong! The sound of the Mighty Earl Young, king of the 3 shot drum fill into jabbing, dicing grooves. You’ve heard him on the O’Jays “Back Stabbers”, MFSB’s “T.S.O.P.” (theme for Soul Train), Delfonics “Didin’t I Blow Your Mind” and countless other tracks out of Philly. The snare is always smacking and the fills sparse, leaving plenty girth for the groove. If you don’t like his feel, you gotta hole in your soul:

  1. Boom-Chaka-Doong! Drum fill compilation
  2. M.F.S.B. – “Amabassador’s Theme”
  3. The Ambassadors – “I Really Love You”
  4. They Stylistics – “She’s not Daddy’s Girl Anymore”
  5. M.F.S.B. – “Get Down with the Philly Sound”
  6. Wilson Pickett – “Bumble Bee”
  7. Delfonics – “Let it Be”
  8. William DeVaughn – “Be Thankful For What You Got”
  9. Duke Williams – “Funky Broadway”
  10. David Sigler, Dee Dee Sharp -“Conquer the World”
  11. Yellow Sunshine – “Yellow Sunshine”
  12. The Philly Sound – “Waiting for the Rain”
  13. French Connection – “Monte Carlo”

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