Throwback Summer

Brent Sawicki AKA The Continental from Detroit brings us this bangin’ mix of Summer jams. He’s got the new, he’s got the old, it’s all-good sounds for a mid summer mix.

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Throwback Summer 2015

South Florida Soul Club Vol. 2

Kent Lawlor has returned from the depths of Florida with another oldies mix that will turn your week around .  I needed something to pump me up and this did it.  Sounds like they’ve got a good thing going on at the South Florida Soul Club, enjoy this tasteful mix.

Download here:  oldiesmix

Wally Clark Live

Wally Clark: gold chains, slick hair and plenty personality. This live set at the Stone Fox is exemplary of Mr. Clark’s great taste in music and crowd pleasing capabilities. Every head in the place was bouncing to his smart mix of upbeat disco shit and bump tracks. Enjoy!

Come drink a brew with us at the next Stone Fox Strictly Vinyl night on October 30th.

Kent Lawlor

Kent Lawlor, representing the South Florida Soul Club, brings us this most bumpin’ mix of assorted gems. Good blends, choices and sound, we owe Kent a repeating listen to this G.E.D. Soul Revue Episode. Kick back in the sun and crank it.

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Hal Greens Vs. Sal Rucco

Once a month at the Stone Fox bar on the westide of Music City, Sal Rucco hosts an evening of vinyl, drinks and booty shakin’. This month Sal invited down Hal Greens, G.E.D. Soul’s favorite D.J. and friend, to rock the discs until late in the night.

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1976 G.E.D. Soul Revue

Doin’ it to ya in the year 1976!  Andrew Muller presents a collection of tunes from the year that brought us countless uptempo party fueled songs.

Enjoy the danceable, sexy and sometimes just plain goofy tracks from the year 1976.   My favorite?   James Brown’s seven minute coke binge “I Refuse to Lose.”  Enjoy!

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GED Soul Revue: Idris Muhammad Vol. 1

One of our first podcasts honing in on a particular session musician, this one features an array of recordings from one of the greats of the backbeat, Mr. Idris Muhammad. Nick DeVan, a funky drummer in his own right, and myself put this one together with the intent of showing you different examples of the beat he cultivated so well for so many. We like to educate by picking some lesser known deep cuts from the artist’s catalog while striving to use vinyl as much as possible although I have a good bit of this on CD so don’t judge.

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